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2016 Mar Developed X2Slim PMR for Europe
2015 May Developed Bluetooth Radio (AG)
2014 Jul Develop X2 Slim
2012 Jun Developed control system in Data Base Station (ATL-460 VS/ AGM-400 SW)
2012 May Developed GPS Radio (AGM-4500/4000)
2011 Nov Certified by Incheon Vision Business
2011 May Developed X1 Slim
2010. Aug Registered Wireless communication apparatus. Application No.(2009-0031746)
2010. Jun Re-designated as an Export Promising Small & Medium Enterprises
(The Small & Medium Business Administration)
2010. May Developed Security Telephone (ATT2000)
2010. Apr Joined Electric Industry Cooperative
2010. Feb Developed Digital Communication Equipment (ADS) (for domestic)
2010. Feb Re-certified the Quality Administration system (ISO9001) (ISO)
2009. Nov Developed external interface device
2009. Oct Developed gateway system
2009. Jun Applied for a patent for short range wireless communication terminal and multilateral
two-way group communication method and system & broad communication network
Interlocking system. Application No. (2009-0053361)
2009. May Developed digital short range communication equipment (XBi) (for export)
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